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  • Lacey Glover

How is it May already?

Updated: Apr 4

I can’t believe April came and went without a blog post. I have obviously been extremely busy with work, family, and life in general! Thank you for tuning in again and not giving up on me. I can’t wait to tell you about the new discoveries and modalities I have been working on for the past couple of months.

Where do I begin to catch y’all up with my life? My massages are still going strong, and I am continuing to look for a massage therapist to add to my team to help with the overflow of clients and appointments that I have been forced to turn away because I simply to not have appointments available. This is a process that I feel better prepared to conquer thanks to the help of my business coach. I recently attended an in-person continuing education opportunity at Fort Hays State University and was able to not only learn new skills but also make connections with other massage professionals and schedule coworking activities for next month.

I purchased a new wellness tool that I am experimenting with in sessions. So far, my clients have loved it! It is called the iTera-Care Wand. It is a device that blows warm/hot air, it sounds like a hairdryer, but it blows terahertz frequency. These frequency waves resonate at the same frequency as normal cells in the body. This may sound a little out there or woo-woo, but I promise you it is factual! Our bodies are made of energy and emit vibrational frequencies. A healthy body has higher frequencies than an unhealthy/diseased body. Please do not take my word for it. Search the internet for human body frequencies and even the iTera-Care wand. I am currently brainstorming ideas on how to create sessions for wanding only and working on creating my recovery room at my office.

From a massage viewpoint the iTera-Care wand heats a client’s muscles much quicker than it would take me to heat up those same muscles using manual massage techniques. I have also received feedback that my clients are much more relaxed after their appointment when I incorporate this device into their appointment. This is also saving wear and tear on my body, so I see this as a huge victory for both my clients and myself. The absolute best part of the wand is you can use this on yourself in-between appointments. I have personally used this device on myself consistently for just over 2 weeks and have noticed a decrease in body aches and pains as well as a quicker recovery from my workouts at the gym. If you want more information or to schedule a session with the iTera-Care wand, reach out to me at

Whether this is your first time reading my blog, or you are a loyal subscriber, Thank you! I am so glad you tuned in this week! Do you have a friend or family member that could benefit from this blog? Tell them to subscribe!

Have a blessed week y’all ~ Lacey


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