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About Lacey

Lacey Glover, LMT and so much more!

I have been practicing massage therapy since June of 2004. Through massage I am able to help people recovery from injury and regain their abilities and quality of life. This passion grew out of sustaining an injury while attending Kansas State University as a member of the Equestrian Team and the therapies I received were not effective in reducing my pain or improving my functionality. For more information about my massage business, please visit my website: .

I am a former rodeo queen, having held 5 titles. The titles ranged from those representing a single rodeo to a nine-state regional association. Along the way I competed for state and national titles, culminating in High Test Score and 2nd Runner Up at Miss Rodeo USA. After competing, I successfully helped other young ladies realize and achieve their goal of winning a national title.


I have been a lifelong football fan and more importantly a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan! I followed in my mother’s footsteps and became a Kansas City Chiefs Red Coater, earning my Red Coat in the Fall of 2010. I enjoy volunteering in the Chiefs community almost as much as I have enjoyed being a part of the opening ceremonies at every Chief’s home game, until the crazy 2020 season which resulted in limited pregame festivities due to the pandemic.


My journey into the world of essential oils began in the fall of 2017 as the solution to a simple problem for my massage business and continues to grow from there, now expanding to many aspects of my life. I am constantly exploring new ways to use them and learn from others experiences. I am amazed at the power of these naturally occurring oils! If you have any questions, contact me or to order, check out my website.


Most recently, I became a certified health & wellness coach. I plan to use this as an additional way to assist my clients in finding new methods of self-care. Guiding my clients many aspects of self-care including, nutrition and stress reduction just to name a couple.  I believe life is all about balance and I enjoy guiding my clients to find theirs.


I look forward to you joining me in this adventure and please feel free to send questions relating to self-care. Who knows, maybe I will use your submission as a topic in one of my blog entries!

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