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  • Lacey Glover

5 Surprising Way to Add Superseeds to Your Diet

Updated: Apr 4

We have had quite the frigid start to 2024. I hope everyone is staying as warm as possible and safe during the freezing temperatures that have covered most of the country. It has taken some adjusting to cope with all the things associated with winter that we have been experiencing over the past 2 weeks. I find it amazing all that the human body can endure and be able to make the changes necessary to survive. Do you have any tips or secrets for making it through the winter months? One that has made a difference for a few of my clients is having a happy light to help with the lack of sunshine. This has helped with their mood and keeping their sleep/wake schedules straight.

What are super seeds? I’m glad you asked. Super seeds are a great source of fiber, as well as many nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins. Adding super seeds to a healthy diet can aid in reducing blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Today I will cover 3 of the super seeds and what makes them super, in no order:

  1. Sunflower seeds – these are one of my favorite seeds, as they bring back memories of my days spent watching my brother play baseball and of a great cowgirl that competed in Breakaway roping in the United Rodeo Association. Sunflower seeds are a good source of vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that supports healthy hair and skin and protects against cell damage.

  2. Pumpkin seeds – These seeds are commonly eaten raw or roasted but beware as cooking may destroy some of the nutritional benefits. These seeds are a good source of monosaturated and omega-6 fats which support heart health.

  3. Hemp seeds – I promise you will not get high from these, since they do not contain THC. Hemp seeds, however, contain all the essential amino acids and are a great source of protein. If you have a chronic inflammatory condition, hemp seed oil may help and it can also ease the symptoms of eczema.

These seeds as well as the other super seeds, are often incorporated into shakes for easy consumption. When preparing these seeds, or any other food, be mindful of other ingredients added to your recipe. For example, do not add a bunch of salt to sunflower seeds as large quantities of sodium are not beneficial to your health.

Ningxia Greens from Young Living is a superfood powder supplement designed for daily use. Each serving consists of “48 fermented whole foods, five varieties of immune-supporting mushrooms, and wolfberry fruit and sprouted leaves” from Young Living’s farm in Ningxia, China. If you are interested in experiencing this supplement or any of Young Living’s essential oils, contact me to schedule a time to meet. I welcome the opportunity to coach you in your wellness journey by exploring how YL products can enhance this journey.

Whether this is your first time reading my blog, or you are a loyal subscriber, Thank you! I am so glad you tuned in this week! Do you have a friend or family member that could benefit from this blog? Tell them to subscribe!

Have a blessed week y’all ~ Lacey


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